Reserving Animal Holding and Procedure Rooms

The VSC uses room scheduling via the Stanford Outlook calendars for investigators to schedule lab time inside holding and procedure rooms to allow investigators to distance themselves socially. Click on the "Request Now" button on the right to register for access.

Please note that animal caretakers/husbandry staff have priority for all rooms to perform routine work unless discussed otherwise with Amber Durnal or a VSC supervisor.

Please note:

  • Provisioning calendar access is completed by the CompMed IT team and can take up to 2 business days, Monday - Friday.  
  • Investigators must have KeyTracer access before reserving time for an existing building and room. 
  • Adding the room calendars are not done automatically by the CompMed IT team. You must do this yourself. 
  • After 48 hours, please confirm that you are able to add and reserve time to the requested room calendars. If you are unable to add reservations to your desired rooms, contact either IRT or UIT for help troubleshooting calendar access.


Review the following documents below for instructions on how to add your specific rooms to your Outlook or Webmail calendar once you have been granted access.


SUNet ID required.

Last Updated 11/2021