Accessing Animal Facilities and Rooms

How to Obtain Access and Enter our Animal Facilities and How to Gain Animal Room Access

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What do I need to do to get animal facility and room access?

To obtain facility access, there are three main steps.

Please read each step carefully, as submitting forms out of order may result in delayed animal facility access or errors in obtaining animal room access. Please note that facility access and room access (KeyTracer) are 2 separate processes and systems.

You may submit an Animal Room Access Request (Step 3) only AFTER obtaining Facility Access (i.e., after all requirements for Step 2 have been completed and fulfilled).

1. Complete Prerequisites for Animal Facility

2. Request Access to Different Animal Facilities

3. Request Access to Animal Rooms (KeyTracer)

1. Complete prerequisites needed for Animal Facility Access

Some facilities have specific prerequisites that must be completed before attending the tour.

Before you apply for a facility orientation tour, check the Prerequisite Training page (see below) to confirm if your facility requires any STARS courses before enrolling in the tour.  Not all facilities have prerequisites and those that do are different for each facility, e.g., the Clark building has a long list of prerequisites compared to other animal facilities.  

  1. Because self-enrollment in STARS has been disabled, please email to enroll in any required trainings.
  2. Once you have completed all required web modules and have completed the facility tour, proceed to Step 2. 


2. Request Access to Different Animal Facilities

All facilities require "badging in" with a Stanford Medicine ID Card.  This badge may be referred to under different names, e.g., "Security Access Card" or "SUMC ID/Access Card" or simply "Card Key".  Card key access is provisioned to your Stanford Medicine ID card and is obtained from the Security/Photo ID office only. The VSC does not provision card key access.

You must have a Stanford Medicine ID badge before obtaining access to any of the VSC animal facilities. Card key access for animal facilities is granted to an individual when the following steps have been completed:

  1. You are listed on an active APLAC protocol. 
  2. All prerequisites for each facility have been completed.
  3. The onsite facility orientation tour has been completed.

Once the above steps are completed, fill out and email the PDF of the Facility Access Request Form (see below) to In the subject line of your email, include the building(s) you are requesting access to. Your supervisor will also need to sign this form IF you are new and do not yet have a card.

After your form has been signed by the VSC, you will receive an email confirmation that your form has been approved and is ready for pickup.

After picking up your approved Facility Access Request Form, take it to the Photo ID office now located at the new Stanford Hospital. A detailed map with instructions to the Photo ID office can be found here


3. Requesting Access for Animal Rooms

Also known as KeyTracer access. Obtaining Animal Room Access is separate from obtaining Facility Access.

If you house animals in any of our animal facilities, you will need to request KeyTracer access to obtain specific room access to your animals.  Do NOT fill out this form unless you already have confirmed Animal Facility access to the building you are housing animals in. 

Before requesting KeyTracer room access, you must be compliant with the following:

  • Be listed on an active/valid APLAC protocol
  • Completed prerequisites as well as Facility Orientation Tour (STARs and onsite)
  • Activated facility access from the Photo ID office


Requests can be accessed by clicking here. (SUNet ID required)



Updated 04/05/2022