Divisions of Research Support

Diagnostic Lab

Services include hematology, clinical chemistry, serology, cytology and fluid analysis, microbiology and parasitology. Specialized testing including immunologic and endocrine assays are available.

View the Diagnostic Lab website here.

Onsite Workshops

Our veterinarians hold weekly workshops on rodent handling, anesthesia, and surgery / more for personnel planning on working with laboratory animals.

Read more about how to qualify and register for workshops here.

Comparative Pathology

View more information on spontaneous disease diagnostic cases, experimental research evaluation, and teaching and training. 


View the Comparative Pathology homepage here.

Veterinary Services and Assistance

AALAS certified veterinary technicians are available to provide technical support including dosing, biosampling, conducting anesthesia and post-operative care. 


View the Veterinary Services and Consults page here.

Breeding Colony Management

Breeding colony management services covers day-to-day management and recordkeeping for your colony. Services include Mating, Separating, Weaning, Genotyping, Transfers, and Euthanasia.

View the Breeding Colony Management Services homepage here.

APLAC Protocol Pre-Approval Review

We provide consultation on animal testing alternatives, animal model selection and development, experimental design and veterinary technical and care requirements.  Please email  Dr. Stephen Felt and include:

  • Protocol Director's name, phone number and email
  • Responsible Person's name, phone number and email
  • Brief synopsis of the project


See how we can help your team with pre and post experimental implementation.

Our ACLAM board certified and board eligible veterinarians offer consultation in appropriate animal modeling, animal care techniques, experimental methodology, anesthetic techniques, surgical techniques, pain management, humane euthanasia techniques, and animal use (APLAC) protocol consultation.  Here are some ways that we can better support you:

Biostatistics Support and Experimental Design Optimization

We can provide consultation on design and sample size justification for APLAC (IACUC) protocol submission; help with data analysis after the fact (including response to paper review); or a full service. Contact tri_lab_enquiries@lists.stanford.edu for more information.

Behavioral Management

We help troubleshoot particular problems in behavioral, breeding, and welfare issues in animal colonies managed by investigators (e.g. changes in breeding performance); as well as providing impact/benefit assessment for changes in housing, handling and enrichment. Request information: tri_lab_enquiries@lists.stanford.edu.