Registration Instructions for Training and Workshops

Due to COVID-19, enrollment via STARS has been temporarily disabled. Email registration forms to our VSC Training Team to enroll.

With the exception of a few courses, most VSC workshops cost $112.00.

There are several ways that you can pay for VSC workshops: via PTA, STAP Funds, or a blend of the two. 

Typically, we recommend that you use paper registration if you plan on using PTA or a combination of PTA plus STAP funds. If you have STAP funds to use to pay for VSC workshops, we recommend registering through STARS. 

However, due to COVID-19, all STARS enrollment has been disabled. Please submit all enrollment forms via paper/email to our VSC Training Team


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Instructions for Training/Workshop Enrollment

Wait! Before sending a registration form to our VSC training team, have you satisfied all of the prerequisites needed for enrollment? If you don't satisfy these requirements, we won't be able to accept your request to join an upcoming workshop. 

Prerequisite Checklist:

  • SUNet ID is required to enroll in all workshops.
  • Complete the Laboratory Animal Care and Use web program (VSC-PROG-0001) in STARS.
  • Secure approval from the Administrative Panel on Laboratory Animal Care (APLAC) for the species and procedures being taught (i.e., for workshops involving rats, the APLAC protocol must list rats; for surgical workshops, surgery must be listed in the APLAC protocol as a procedure).

Use paper registration if you plan on using PTA or combination of PTA plus STAP funds, or if we're under the COVID-19 Research Restart Plan. (We are)

1. Download the VSC Workshop Registration Form.
2. Fill out the form and print it.
3. Obtain your supervisor’s signature and the PTA’s authorized approver’s signature.
4. Email the form to the VSC Training Team or fax it to the VCS office: 650-725-0940.
5. Use one form for each course.

You should receive enrollment confirmation via email as soon as you are enrolled. If you do not receive confirmation, please contact the VSC training team.

Guidelines when taking VSC Courses on STARS

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Updated October 5, 2020