Register for Orientations and Workshop Trainings

Follow the registration instructions below to submit your online registration form.

Wait! Before sending a registration form to our VSC training team, have you satisfied all of the prerequisites needed for enrollment? Failure to satisfy these requirements will delay your ability to register for workshops.

Prerequisite Checklist:

  • SUNet ID is required to enroll in all workshops.
  • You should have your financial manager's name and email address prepared, as they will be contacted to provide and approve payment details.
  • If request training workshops, your name must be listed on an active APLAC protocol.
  • All registrants must have completed the following prerequisites in STARs before enrollment in any training workshops. 
    1. Laboratory Animal Care and Use web program (VSC-PROG-0001)
    2. VSC Policies & Guidelines (VSC-0043)

With the exception of a few courses, most VSC workshops cost $112.00. Registrants can pay either via PTA or STAP funds (if eligible). For training and workshops that are fee-based, your financial manager will be automatically contacted to provide payment approval, then our training team will process your request. 

To enroll in a VSC training workshop, submit your request using the form below. You will receive a confirmation email with the confirmed date of the workshop once enrolled.  

VSC Workshop Registration Form

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