Comparative Pathology

A range of comparative pathology services for diagnostic and research purposes are provided by experienced veterinary pathologists, knowledgeable in a wide range of laboratory animal species, their associated spontaneous diseases, and pathology related to experimental research.

Our Services

Spontaneous Disease Diagnostic Cases

Are your research animals sick and you’re unsure if it’s related to your experimental manipulation? We provide diagnostic services for any animal exhibiting clinical signs of disease or those that are found deceased. Through this process, we can help determine the underlying cause of the clinical disease.

Experimental Research Evaluation

Is animal tissue collection and/or histopathology part of your project but you don’t know where to begin? We provide full necropsy, histology, and interpretation for experimental research projects. In addition, we can assist with study design, budget preparation for grants, manuscript figure generation, and manuscript review as they relate to pathology.

Teaching and Training

We offer monthly Rodent Tissue Collection and Necropsy Workshops for participants with all levels of rodent experience. In addition, we offer individualized training sessions to accommodate specific research needs.