Training and Workshops

View prerequisites, available workshops, and registration instructions here.

All personnel working with research animals must enroll in training prior to beginning work with animals.

For routine animal procedures, the VSC offers hands on training. Attendees will not be able to enroll in workshops or orientations until all prerequisites have been completed. See below for additional information on registration instructions and a searchable schedule of workshops.

Enrollment is not currently accepted through STARS, instead please email a registration form to

Questions regarding training?  Email our VSC Training Team. 


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Registration Instructions for Training and Workshops

View detailed information about how to register for hands-on training and workshops here.

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Searchable Schedule of Workshops

View currently offered workshops, updated weekly. 

We update workshop times for each month and add additional workshop times based on demand. 

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Specialized Training with Substances or Animals

If you plan on working with particular substances or need consultation for specific laboratory animals, you may need to enroll in additional training.

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New to the VSC and not sure what kind of training you need?

We've put together a convenient list of recommended and required courses that you should take here, also named "What Kind of Training Do I Need?"

  • For new faculty members: We've put together a checklist for you to better assist you in working with laboratory animals in teaching and research. 
  • For new students, post-doc fellows, and staff: We also have a checklist for you! Check it out here.  

Downloadable Checklists

Looking for something else?

Animal Facility and Room Orientation is separate from Hands-on Training and workshops. Go to for more information on how to obtain specific vivarium access and/or KeyTracer access. 

Additional Resources for Learning

Updated February 2, 2022