Stanford Brain Metastases Consortium

A multidisciplinary, collaborative, and driven approach to improving outcomes for patients with brain metastases.

The Stanford Brain Metastases Consortium is a unique partnership between scientists, physicians and surgeons from across the Stanford community, that brings together experts in research and clinical care of brain metastases. Through more focused and collaborative efforts, our goal is to increase the number of available clinical trials and collaborative publications, and to enhance our patients' experience through a team-based approach to care. Meet our Team >


The Brain Metastases Consortium facilitates collaborative research between the many exceptional researchers and clinicians at Stanford University. These projects involve specialists from different departments, whose combined efforts can exponentially advance our understanding of, and capacity to treat, metastatic brain tumors. Interests include cancer biology, radiation oncology, neuroscience, immunology, medical oncology, neurosurgery, physics, bio-engineering, neuro oncology, and population science, among others. 

Featured Publications:

Response of a pre-clinical model of breast cancer leptomeningeal disease to the novel, brain-permeant chemotherapeutic QBS10072S.

Authors: Deng J, Chernikova S, Wang Y, Rodriguez M, Anderson SJ, Umeh-Garcia MC, Godfrey BO, Ahmadian SS, Fischer WN, Koller KJ, Jandeleit B, Ringold G, Hayden Gephart M. 

Published: Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, October 2021

Comprehensive RNA analysis of CSF reveals a role for CEACAM6 in lung cancer leptomeningeal metastases.

Authors: Li Y, Polyak D, Lamsam L, Connolly I, Johnson E, Khoeur L, Stanley G, Zhang Y, Liu B, Nagpal S, Hayden Gephart M. 

Published: Nature Precision Oncology, October 2021

New Award: Stanford BMC Awarded Stanford Cancer Institute Funding

SCI Innovation Awards celebrate the dedication of some of Stanford’s most innovative thinkers. The Stanford BMC was recently awarded the SCI Nodal Grant Award for its project: “Expanding the Reach of the Stanford Brain Metastases Consortium: Deep Profiling of Brain Metastases through Multiplexed Analysis and Multi-PI Collaborations.”

Video: New Technology Can Make Brain Surgery Safer


Research Speed-Dating Symposium

On March 18, 2022, the BMC held a speed dating event which brought our experts together to collaborate on research goals. Stanford students, trainees, staff, and faculty attended. We announced the details of a new seed grant program of $50,000 to fund new brain mets collaborations, made possible by our recently funded U54 program grant.

Featured Clinical Trial

Our Patients

Lung Cancer Patient Finds Health Again at Stanford

Eight years after being diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer, whose treatment led to other health complications - including six brain tumors - Ginger Powell is now cancer-free.