Research conducted by Stanford's Clinical Excellence Research Center targets specific clinical conditions and services representing a large share of U.S. health care costs and which expert clinicians have identified as candidates for both lower spending and better outcomes. Our interdisciplinary research teams comprise Stanford scholars and aspiring innovators across medicine, engineering, and social, behavioral, and management sciences, as well as external research and industry partners. Through our collaboration with Stanford’s leaders in artificial intelligence, we seek to identify practical applications of AI toward lowering the cost of great care.

Computer Vision

We are applying and refining computer vision technology to detect motion in the ICU,  remotely monitor and support seniors at home, and assist clinicians and staff in perfecting their hand hygiene and surgical technique.

Care Models

This unique initiative analyzes patient care delivery across the United States, validating and establishing models for cost savings and improved patient outcomes.

Health Care Policy

CERC fills critical gaps in the U.S. policy debate with timely analyses of systemic issues such as billing costs, the impact on hospitals of Medicare for all, and the growth in drug industry rebates and chargeback.

Machine Learning

CERC is exploring how machine learning can extract powerful insights into patient costs from electronic health and claims data, as well as improve clinical action steps and, through deep-learning applications, risk analyses.

Process Innovation

We are employing systems engineering and advanced mathematical modeling tools to support hospitals in delivering value and world-class medical care. 

Organizational Innovation

We explore how leadership and culture impact efforts to implement care delivery innovations, integrate patient care, and improve the safety and reliability of health care organizations.

"CERC’s mission is to discover scalable methods of reducing the cost of excellent care and thereby assist efforts to lower the health industry‘s share of GDP."

Arnold Milstein, MD, MPH
Founder and Director
Clinical Excellence Research Center