The possibilities for cost-saving innovations are many, but research funds from organizations such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) do not cover health care delivery and system improvements. Our groundbreaking work, and the breadth of its impact, therefore relies on and benefits from close collaborations with leaders in industry and research and with philanthropic partners. 


Industry Affiliates

The CERC Industry Affiliates Program offers organizations a unique opportunity to work alongside renowned Stanford scholars and other industry partners to surface breakthrough, scaleable technologies that reduce the cost of great care. 

Research Partners

CERC continues to grow and cultivate a strong network of research partners and collaborators - including health systems and other academic research institutions - who work together to accelerate the impact of cost-saving innovations in health care. 


We are grateful for the generous support of foundations and individuals who share CERC's commitment to the discovery and promotion of innovations that substantially improve the affordability and quality of health care across the United States.