Health Care Policy

As a regulated industry, health care policy shapes the cost of quality of care in many ways. Faculty at the Clinical Excellence Research Center help to contribute to the policy debate by providing timely and thoughtful analyses for policy debates, and a deeper examination of systemic issues in the health care system largely unaddressed by other research groups. 


Projects and Outcomes

Recent CERC faculty work includes:

  1. One of the most comprehensive analyses of billing costs in the United States. Faculty found that submitting a bill by a primary care physician costs $20.49, or almost $100,000 per year per physician.

  2. An early analysis of the potential impact of the Medicare-For-All proposals on hospitals. This analysis was reported on extensively by the media.

  3. The examination of the growth in rebates and chargeback in the US pharmaceutical market. The study found that payments (rebates and chargebacks) represented 50% of net revenue in 2016.


Health Care Policy: Publications and News