Organizational Innovation

CERC’s research in the field of organizational innovation includes efforts to understand organizational leadership and culture impact efforts to implement health delivery innovations, promote efforts to deploy integrative approaches to patient care, efforts to understand and improve safety and reliability of health care organizations, and efforts to understand the role of information technology in organizational innovation. 

Professor of Medicine Sara Singer leads research in the field of health care management, focusing on organizational leadership and culture. She uses this management lens to address organizational challenges in the implementation of innovations in health care delivery, and in efforts to improve the safety and reliability of health care organizations. 

In addition, Dr. Alan Glaseroff specializes in reorganizing primary care through team training sessions based on his work at Stanford Coordinated Care.

Projects and Outcomes

Dr. Singer and her colleagues have recently focused on how to build a high-functioning health care team. Using structured interviews with health care team members (including physicians, nurses, medical assistants, social workers, and administrative staff), the researchers tracked team performance over three years in five key domains: skill sets, communication, shared goals, understanding of individual roles, and perceptions of mutual respect and trust.

Overall, Dr. Singer found that high-performing teams were able to simultaneously focus on both functional change and cultural change. Low-performing teams, however, were only focused on one dimension of change, either functional or cultural.

Publications and News