Education Programs

Since its inception in 2011, the Clinical Excellence Research Center has been committed to training health care leaders to identify, develop, and implement care models, technologies, and other innovations that reduce the cost of great patient care. Under the spotlight of COVID-19, the urgency has rarely been greater to help prepare and support clinicians, researchers, and executives committed to innovating health care delivery and the systems that underlie it.  

Master of Management in Clinical Informatics (MCiM)

COVID-19 has reinforced the need for leadership that brings together technology and clinical business in new and innovative ways. The MCiM program, the first of its kind on the West Coast, is designed for working professionals seeking the knowledge and skills to drive meaningful change in care delivery through the power of digital innovation. 

CERC’s Design, Innovation and Clinical Entrepreneurship (DICE) Fellowship

Since the program’s inception a decade ago, 54 fellows from a wide variety of backgrounds have completed this 11-month fellowship, drawing from the fields of health care, social sciences, engineering, and behavioral and management sciences.  

Working in multi-disciplinary teams, CERC’s design fellows focus on a single health condition associated with substantial disability and health spending. The goal is an innovative a health care delivery model built to lower population-wide health spending to the maximum extent while improving quality and experience of care.

High Value Health Care Incubator (HVHCI)

CERC's HVHC Incubator is designed to help non-profit clinics and organizations in the California safety net find solutions to challenges delivering care to the growing population of Californians dependent on publicly funded health care. Once identified, these successful innovations will be available to other clinics to scale improvements quickly.