High Value Health Care Incubator

The Challenge. Inadequate access to the right care, provided by the
right people, in the right time and place, and the resultant high cost
and often sub-optimum quality of care are major problems in rural
communities. These access problems are at the heart of much of the
inequity in healthcare throughout the U.S.

Multidisciplinary teams from community clinics in Northern California were invited to propose demonstrable innovations in access for patients in their communities.

The three teams, each organized around their innovation concept, were mentored through an organized three-month long “Bootcamp” design and early implementation experience. Modeled after CERC’s Fellowship Bootcamp and the Bootcamp Bootleg course at the Stanford Design School, the Incubator Design Camp merges an abbreviated curriculum of subject matter with supervised, hands-on design development of each team’s innovation.

• The Incubator Model

• How to Create Effective Teams

• Insight, Observation and Empathy as Keys to Change

• Using Leading Indicators as Signposts of Progress

• Learning from Failure and Other Success Stories

• Developing a budget

• Marketing and Scaling an Innovation Across the Network

Eligible Clinics and Organizations

Eligibility for The CERC High-Value Health Care Incubator is limited  to Community Clinics in the 14 Northern California counties in the Partnership Health Plan managed care network.