Consultation and Coordination with Referring Physicians for Adult PH Patients

Outpatient consultation and referral

Outpatient consultation, referrals and management can be accessed through the Wall Center. We are happy to discuss patients with referring physicians seeking information on the phone or via email. If the decision is made to refer the patient to Stanford for an in-person consultation, then adult patients will be seen in the Chest Clinic at Stanford Hospital.

For new patient referrals and appointments please call:

Stanford Chest Clinic (adults)  (650)723-1474

After the initial consultation a faculty physician will contact the referring physician to discuss findings and recommendations. At the request of the referring physician, patients with major symptoms despite empiric therapy may be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at Stanford. Treatment recommendations and follow-up care are developed through close collaboration with the referring physician.

Inter-hospital transfer of critical patients

If, at the time of referral, a patient is already an inpatient at another facility, transfer of the patient can be arranged via the Stanford Transfer Center. For critically ill patients the Medical Transport Program at Stanford, which is partner to Life Flight can be called to assist in patient transport.

Inpatient management

Once at Stanford the inpatient management of patients is provided by the pulmonary vascular disease service and includes physicians, nurse practitioners, social workers, case managers, pharmacists and a highly skilled inpatient nursing staff.

The Wall Center seeks to enhance the lives of patients with pulmonary vascular disease by providing the highest level of clinical care, providing advanced training opportunities for physicians and other health care providers, and participating in clinical and bench-top research in pulmonary vascular disease. 

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