Vera Moulton Wall Center Steering Committee (l to r):  Roham Zamanian, MD; Mark Nicolls, MD; Marlene Rabinovitch, MD (2011-2018); Jeffrey Feinstein, MD, MPH; Executive Director Mark Krasnow, MD, PhD

About the Vera Moulton Wall Center

Who We Are

An international leader in the field of pulmonary vascular disease with an established tradition of innovative research, exceptional teaching, and outstanding patient care.  A pioneer of new and novel clinical therapies, the Vera Moulton Wall Center is uniquely positioned to lead the field translating research into effective pulmonary hypertension (PH) therapies.


The pulmonary vascular disease program at Stanford grew out of the adult lung and heart-lung transplant program. As a result of new drug therapies developed in the 1990s, patients with pulmonary hypertension had new alternatives to transplantation.  In 1996 Dr. Ramona Doyle began the adult PH program at Stanford. In 1998 Dr. Jeffrey Feinstein and Dr. Doyle began to lay the groundwork for a combined adult and pediatric program for the evaluation and treatment of patients with pulmonary vascular disease which would become the only combined pediatric and adult program west of the Mississippi.

In the Fall of 2000, a gift from anonymous donors established the Vera Moulton Wall Center for Pulmonary Vascular Disease at Stanford.  Over the past 20 years the Center has grown from two faculty members to more than 18 faculty members from across the Stanford School of Medicine and more than 80 talented and dedicated clinical, research, administrative staff and students.


In 2010 Mark Krasnow, MD, PhD assumed the role of Executive Director for the Wall Center.  Under his leadership, with input and participation from the Steering Committee, the Center has continued to grow and develop with a focus on: multidisciplinary collaboration, mentorship and development of outstanding junior faculty, and support of new and novel translational research in pulmonary vascular disease.

A gift to the Vera Moulton Wall Center for Pulmonary Vascular Disease supports research efforts, educational programs, and advancements in treatment and patient care. Our nationally recognized program combines superior patient care with cutting-edge translational and basic science research. No amount is too large or too small. If you would like your gift to support a specific faculty member or program (research, education, patient support) please indicate that with your donation.

Your donation is also a meaningful way to honor a significant person in your life or remember someone who has passed away. You can download the attached informational PDF to forward to others. Thank you for your support!

Non-profit 501(c)(3) Status: The Vera Moulton Wall Center is part of Stanford University, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All gifts are tax deductible and gifts over $10 will receive acknowledgement by mail for tax reporting.




  • Online: Make a gift online by using Stanford’s secure site for giving. Indicate you want your gift to support the Vera Moulton Wall Center. 
    • When prompted under 'Direct your gift' please choose Stanford Medicine > Other Designation. You may then enter 'Vera Moulton Wall Center' in the text box provided.
  • Call Us:  Please call 650.725.4586 to discuss a gift.  We are happy to work with you if you would like to memorialize a loved one or celebrate a special event with contributions to the Wall Center.

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A Closer Look

Who was Vera Moulton Wall?

Vera Moulton Wall, for whom the center was named, was born in Savannah, Georgia in 1927. She was an only child who was adored by her parents and grandparents. She lived in Savannah until college when she attended Mary Baldwin College in Virginia. She graduated with a degree in biology and pursued a career in biology and teaching. She married in 1948 and was the mother of three children. She spent the majority of her adult life in Dallas, Texas. Vera Moulton Wall died unexpectedly on Mother's Day, 1988. At the time of her death she had been happily married for 40 years and had six grandchildren.

Vera M. Wall is most remembered for her generous spirit. She gave of her time, wisdom and heart. She had a true love of children and would entertain them endlessly, reading books and telling stories of her own creation. She rarely offered advice, but was often sought out by others for her wisdom. She instilled in her own children a love of learning, a standard of excellence, and knowledge of her unconditional love and acceptance. It is this spirit that the Wall Center strives to embody.

Vera Moulton Wall

Our Mission

The Wall Center seeks to enhance the lives of patients with pulmonary vascular disease by providing the highest level of clinical care, providing advanced training opportunities for physicians and other health care providers, and participating in clinical and bench-top research in pulmonary vascular disease.


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