Adult PH Appointments

To request an outpatient clinic appointment with one of our pulmonary hypertension specialists, please have your healthcare provider send a referral directly to our new patient coordinator.

Preparing for your visit

For new patient referrals, please have your referring provider fax the following medical records if they were previously performed. Please fax to (650) 723-9579, attention to New Patient Coordinator.

New Patient? Medical records to request before your visit

  • Consultation or surgical notes pertaining to your pulmonary hypertension from specialists such as  cardiologists, pulmonologists, or immunologist/ rheumatologists
  • Cardiac catheterization reports
  • Echocardiogram reports
  • Radiology reports of the heart and or lungs such as CT scans, MRI, or ventilation perfusion (V/Q) scans
  • If any radiology tests were done, please ask them to provide a CD of the actual images of the scan(s). The CD can be brought to your clinic appointment.
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Six Minute Walk Test results
  • Sleep study or Nocturnal Oxymetry testing
  • Specific blood test results such as ANA, hepatitis panel, or HIV

Checklist for your visit

Items and information to bring to your appointment

  • Updated or missing medical records that your referring provider was unable to forward to us.
  • CD of any radiology images.
  • A list of all current medications and dosages
  • Names, addresses and telephone numbers of the doctor who referred you and any treating physicians you would like for us to update about your medical condition
  • Insurance card(s) and if possible, your prescription drug plan card

  • Completed patient questionnaires

Length of your visit

Please allow 1-2 hours for your consultation. However, no two patient visits are exactly the same and we will spend as much time as needed to ensure appropriate assessment and understanding of your care. In order to have the most efficient consultation, we will sometimes ask for you to do some medical testing prior to the clinical visit. Please budget additional time for these required tests.    

Are you covered?

The Patient Financial Services team is available to answer your questions related to insurance and pre-authorization before a procedure. Please contact us with your questions.

Phone: 650-724-4445

Toll Free: 1-877-291-7335

The Wall Center seeks to enhance the lives of patients with pulmonary vascular disease by providing the highest level of clinical care, providing advanced training opportunities for physicians and other health care providers, and participating in clinical and bench-top research in pulmonary vascular disease. 

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MyHealth for Established Patients

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