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Winter 2023

“Symposium on Rare But Fatal Disease to Bring Worldwide Experts to Stanford”

“Physicians are dedicated to the concept of doing no harm, but we have found that therapies we believe are helpful can actually be harmful. We expect this symposium to raise awareness by highlighting the unintended consequences of drugs and their toxicities, specifically on the pulmonary vasculature,” says Roham Zamanian, MD, professor of pulmonary and critical care medicine.

The conference will also focus on the global burden of methamphetamine abuse and its toxicity. “Not to downplay the needed attention on the opioid epidemic, but we want to remind people that illicit use of methamphetamine also is an epidemic of huge proportions,” Zamanian adds.

Drug-induced Pulmonary Hypertension Symposium: Applying Lessons Learned from The Aminorex Epidemic

2nd Meeting of the International Collaborative

April 13-14, 2023 • Hoover Institution - David & Joan Traitel Building, Stanford, CA

HYBRID (In-person or Virtual)

Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a rare and fatal cardiopulmonary disease which disproportionately impacts women.  Despite the progress in the diagnosis, clinical care, and treatment of PH patients, unique etiological factors are still being discovered.  Iatrogenic forms of PH are one of the leading but under-appreciated causes of the disease in the modern era.

The rationale for this symposium is to leverage subject-matter expertise from international academic centers and Stanford University, engage the broader academic communities, global organizations (World Health Organization, United States Food and Drug Administration, European Medicines Agency), and stake-holders (patients, industry partners, etc) to develop a deeper understanding of “drug induced pulmonary hypertension” and establish pharmacovigilance protocols for monitoring drug safety and rapid identification of PH in at-risk populations.

Symposium Steering Committee

Roham Zamanian, MD, FCCP

Associate Professor, Pulmonary
Allergy & Critical Care Medicine, Stanford University
Director, Adult PH Program


Irene Lang, MD

Professor, Vascular Biology, at the Medical University of Vienna



Gérald Simonneau, MD, PhD

Emeritus Professor
Université Paris-Saclay, France

Marc Humbert, MD, PhD

Professor of Respiratory Medicine at the Université Paris-Saclay in Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France


Meinhard Kneussl, MD

Professor of Respiratory Medicine
Medical University of Vienna,
Chair of Cardio-Respiratory Medicine
Sigmund Freud University of Vienna

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