Health Career Collaborative


Stanford Health Career Collaborative (HCC) is a chapter of the nationwide HCC organization. Our chapter, in particular, is partnered with East Palo Alto Academy, where we hold weekly Wednesday sessions featuring hands-on skills workshops, career panels, discussions about important health topics, and more. Stanford HCC is the only MD/PA student-led K-12 mentorship and outreach group, and sessions are facilitated by MD/PA students, residents, and a variety of health professionals who serve as guest speakers.

Health Career Collaborative is designed to bring to life the possibilities of further studies and careers in medicine and the allied health sciences. This program is an opportunity to build meaningful relationships between a cohort of high school students at an early stage in their development and a team of dedicated students and health care professionals who are immersed in the practice of delivering medical care and health services.

If you are a Stanford affiliate, please contact Johnny Powell, Vaithish Velazhahan, Vivian Tien, and/or Lauren Duan for more information on how to be involved as a volunteer or speaker.

If you are a Bay Area high school student, we appreciate your interest in our program. However, at this time, we are currently only partnered with EPAA. We wish you the best of luck on your health careers journey!

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