Health Policy Collective


The Health Policy Collective (HPC) is a community space for students interested in all things health policy! We host letter writing workshops to advocate for health equity, educational sessions on writing resolutions and providing testimony, offer several opportunities to get involved with organized medicine (see CMA/AMA details below), and host guest speakers and lectures to discuss current topics and health policy issues seen at local, state and federal levels. We are a flexible, growing group looking to support projects that students are passionate about. Please join us!

The Stanford CMA/AMA Chapter is a primary outlet for medical students to improve health policy and advocate for the future of medicine. We perform legislative, legal, and regulatory advocacy on behalf of patients, medical students, and physicians. Nationally (through the American Medical Association) and regionally (through the California Medical Association), we create policies that ensure access to quality medical care, strengthen public health, and protect the welfare of our future patients.

Contact Info

Health Policy Collective and Stanford CMA/AMA Chapter:

  • President: Margarita Ramirez Silva (
  • VP: Chiamaka Obilo (
  • Finance Chair: Marzan Hamid (
  • VP of Internal Relations: Chelsea Li (
  • VPs of Policy Education: Ivan Lopez & Cristela Samaniego  (;