Shenming Wang, MD

President, Chinese Society of Vascular Surgery Vice President, International Society for Vascular Surgery

Renowned vascular surgeon Professor Shenming Wang, has a longstanding commitment to the study and development of vascular surgery.

Graduated from the Sun Yat Sen University of Medical Sciences in 1982 with a Bachelor of Medicine degree, Prof. WANG had continued his surgical training and academic studies at the First Affiliated Hospital ever since, gaining his Doctorate in Medicine there in 1989.

Prof. WANG holds many key positions nationally and internationally. He is the President of the Chinese Society of Vascular Surgery, Vice President of the International Society for Vascular Surgery, Chinese Surgeon Association of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, and Chinese College of Surgeons. He is an Honorary Member of the American Society for Vascular Surgeon, a Fellow of American College of Surgeons and a Council Member of Asian Society for Vascular Surgery.

He is also the President of Guangdong Committee of Breast Cancer Society in Chinese anti-cancer association and Chairman of Guangdong Medical Association as well as a member of many international surgical societies. Prof. WANG is the consultant expert for the Chinese Central Bureau of Health as well as Guangdong and Guangzhou Health Office.

Having exceptional expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral vascular diseases, in China, he was the first to develop and improve the external valvuloplasty of femoral vein for the deep venous insufficiency of the lower extremity; he was also the first to use subcutaneous endoscopic perforator surgery in patients with venous ulcer. He screened and cloned genes in varicose great saphenous vein accompanying primary deep vein valve insufficiency in the world. His achievements on the endovascular treatment of aortic dissections and aneurysms are remarkable. His surgery for DeBakey Type I aortic dissection and aneurysm was the first case in China and the second in the world. Given Prof. WANG’s arduous efforts and contributions, he has received several awards for achievement of science and technology from Chinese Ministry of Education, Chinese Medical Association and other national organisations and was recognised for his work earlier this year at the Guangdong International Workers' Day Celebration & Model Worker Commendation Conference in Guangzhou when he was awarded the “National May 1 Labor Medal”. Prof. WANG holds five patents of invention, including the patent for the Medical Chest Band which comprises a breast winding fixing strap, two breast bras and two air bags to measure and adjust the pressure applied to the breasts and periphery.

As the Dean of Vascular Surgical Disease Research Centre of Guangdong Province he has written at great length about the subject and has been cited in 1352 papers relating to vascular and other surgery techniques. He is the Chief Editor of Chinese Archives of General Surgery and Chinese Journal of Vascular Surgery, and Deputy Chief Editor of several core journals in China. He has published more than 200 academic theses in Chinese core journals and foreign core journals, 60 of which have been collected by Science Citation Index. His exemplary research work has earned his projects support from many national grants.