Jiafu Ji, MD, FACS

Professor in gastrointestinal surgery, Peking University
President, Peking University Cancer Hospital & Institute
Director, Key Laboratory in “Malignancy Pathogenesis and Translational Research”, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China

Prof. Jiafu Ji is internationally recognized for his expertise in surgical treatment for gastric cancer and related basic and clinical researches. He is leading the effort to promote standardization of gastric cancer surgery in China. His innovative training programs in the form of surgery demos and itinerant lectures have benefited thousands of surgeons in standardized management of gastric cancer. Under his leadership, Chinese gastric cancer specialists have paved the way for launching multi-institutional clinical trials clarifying the role of surgical techniques and peri-operative treatment. His scientific programs have made fundamental discoveries in both basic research and international multicenter clinical trials. With unique vision, Prof. Ji also took the lead in constructing the biggest cancer biobank in China.