Guoyuan Yang, MD, PhD

Associate Dean of Med-X Research Institute Director of Rehabilitation Engineering

Prof. Guoyuan Yang, Ph.D., M.D., the Associate Dean of Med-X Research Institute, Director of Rehabilitation Engineering.. His research interests mainly focus on the molecular mechanisms of cerebrovascular diseases in both basic and clinical fields. Recently, Dr. Yang has developed focal angiogenesis and focal microvessel dysplasia model in rodent brain for the study of cerebrovascular physiology and pathology. Dr. Yang is also interested in the exploring novel stroke therapeutic approach through taking advantages of biomaterials, neuroimaging, neural rehabilitation, and medical devices.

The major achievements of Dr. Yang include: 1) developed middle cerebral artery occlusion and reperfusion model in mice; 2) developed astandardintra-cerebral hemorrhage model in rat; 3) pioneered cerebral vascular malformation model in mice and studied the mechanism of vascular development and lesion; 4) creatively applied gene therapy technology to treat ischemic brain injury; 5) creatively took advantage of different growth factors and stem cells to treat ischemic brain injury in rodents; 6) creatively used synchrotron radiation angiography and two-photon microscopy to study the occurrence and development of cerebrovascular disease in vivo in real time. Dr. Yang has published more than 200 scientific papers, with an impact factor (IF) of more than 800. His works were cited more than 9674 times.