Bin-Bing Zhou, PhD

Director, Pediatric Translational Medicine Institute, Jiaotong University School of Medicine

Dr. Zhou is Director, Pediatric Translational Medicine Institute; Chief Scientific Officer, Collaborative Innovation Center for Translational Medicine, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine; Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology, UMDNJ/Rutgers, NJ, USA.

Before recruited back to China by the National Thousand Talents Program in 2012, he was Senior Director of Oncology Research, Pfizer Inc in US. He has been interested in cancer drug discovery and drug resistance mechanism over the years, and has contributed to one approved, one phase III and two Phase II clinical trial anti-cancer agents. In academic community, he is best known for his proposal of DNA damage response (DDR) hypothesis in collaboration with Dr. Steve Elledge. His lab also studied tumor plasticity and hierarchy in cancer drug resistance. His current research focus is in de novo purine biosynthesis and DNA damage response in the context of childhood ALL drug resistance and tumor relapse. He received BS from Fudan University, PhD from University of California-Berkeley, and was a postdoctoral fellow with Professor Marc Kirschner at Harvard Medical School. He received many awards including UC Berkeley University Fellowship, SAPA (Sino-American Pharmaceuticals Professionals Association) Achievement Award, China National Thousand Talent Award.