Jiajin Le, MD

Professor, Donghua University

Professor Le Jiajin received his Master degree in Neo-Confucianism in Fudan Univerisity in 1984, and has been working as Professor and Chair of the Computer Science and Technology Department of Donghua University since 1998. Currently he is also a member of the Database Special Commission Committee of Chinese Computer Academic Society and Director of Database Special Commission of Shanghai Computer Academic Society.

Professor Le speicializes in data scientific management, software engineering theory and practice. He had supervised several nation-wide projects, e.g. National 863 Project for “based on the Web service database new technology” and “the seventh Chinese university students' athletic meet results synthesis processing system”. In recent years he focused on the projects for “In Data Warehouse Ranks Mix Saves Engine Optimized Model” and “Large-scale Universal database Management system management system and Set of Research and development And Industrial production", which are funded by NSFC and National Nuclear High Base Program.