Statistical and Logistical Support for Data and Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMB)

Our mission is to

-       Succinctly summarize findings 

-       Provide requested analyses in a timely manner

To accomplish this, we

-       Prepare to address anticipated questions that may arise during DSMB meetings

-       Summarize findings coherently using best available data and modern, robust statistical tools 

-       Relay dense information through novel data visualization techniques 


-       Create clear and easy to understand interim safety and efficacy reports

-       Program and validate information in reports

-       Draft DSMB charter

-       Draft mock tables, listings, and figures

-       Facilitate communication between the DSMB members, study team, and sponsor

-       Coordinate DSMB meetings

-       Maintain an archive of DSMB documents, meeting minutes, code, data, and other documents


DSMB Report Example:  Please click here.