Blake Shaw, M.S.


Blake joined the QSU in August 2022. He completed his MS in Biostatistics at UC Davis. Prior to his graduate studies, he worked as the data manger for a human development research project that studied how stress effects the development of emotion regulation in Mexican origin children. His master’s thesis focused on using blood biomarkers and PET scans to develop statistical models that predicted subject’s likelihood of having fatty liver disease.

Clinical Areas of Interest: Biomarkers, public health, nutrition, and exercise

Methodology Area of Interest: Survival analysis, data visualization, and non-parametric methods

Selected Publications:

Romeo S., Chan C., Shaw B., Matsukuma K., Corwin M., Lyo V., Chen S., Wang G., Sarkar S. (2022, June 22-26). FIB-4 combined with positron emission tomography biomarkers detects fibrotic NASH [Conference Session]. International Liver Congress, London, England, United Kingdom.

Hibel, L. C., Boyer, C. J., Buhler-Wassmann, A. C., & Shaw, B. J. (2021). The psychological and economic toll of the COVID-19 pandemic on Latina mothers in primarily low-income essential worker families. Traumatology, 27(1), 40–47.