Ariadna Garcia, M.S.
Data Management Specialist

Ariadna joined the QSU in January 2016. She completed her M.S. in Management Information Systems at the University of Illinois at Chicago. While working several years with the CCTS at UIC she had the opportunity to contribute to a diverse set of clinical projects as lead developer as well as data analyst. The projects included the creation of a map that displays community-based research under way in the different Chicago area localities, and the development of a tool for the secure aggregation of de-identified clinical data to share health information among different institutions in a HIPAA-compliant fashion. In her current role at the QSU, she’s involved with handling large complex datasets, reshaping and analyzing data for studies related to blood pressure, the creation of databases and websites, and ensuring quality of data for different studies. Her programming expertise includes: Python, Java, PHP, SQL, R and SAS. 

Methodology Area of Interest:  Arianda is interested in methodologies for big data analysis, including the identification of unusual data segments and best imputation approaches. She is also interested in text data mining and methods for preserving confidentiality using different data mining techniques. 

Clinical Area of Interest: She’s particularly interested in studies involving diet, exercise and chronic condition prevention (like high blood pressure) through individual lifestyle choices. She’s also interested in allergy studies. 

Selected Publications: 

Ogunseitan B, Garcia A, Ferrans C, Newman S, Venkataraman K, Peters K. Community mapping project: Using informatics tools to further community research. In Proc. of American Medical Informatics Association Annual Symposium (AMIA). November 2012.

Ogunseitan B, Garcia A, Ferrans C, Newman S, Garrett M, Brown J, Burnet D, Hynes DM. Aligning Research with Public Health Priorities: Visualizing the Needs and Gaps. Poster presentation at the AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting, Baltimore, MD; June 2013.

Garrett MW, Byelick J, Garcia A, Tej P, Hynes DM. The UICollaboratory: Expanding Social Networking for Research. Poster session presented at: American Medical Informatics Association Annual Symposium; Washington, DC; October 2011.

Ogunseitan B, Garcia A, Ferrans C, Newman S, Burnet D, Brown J, Hynes DM. Chicago Community Research Map (CCRM): Using a visualization tool to advance health disparity research. Podium presentation at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Boston, MA; November 2013.

Garrett MW, Hynes DM, Byelick J, Garcia A. Implementing a Research Networking Tool at UIC – Challenges and Lessons Learned. CTSA Informatics Key Function Committee Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL; November 2012.