Anna Graber-Naidich, Msc, PhD
Senior Research Data Scientist 

Anna is a senior research data analyst for the QSU, joining the group after working for three years at the Stanford Research Informatics Center, where she gained experience with extracting data from Clarity and the OMOP CDM, working with researchers throughout the Stanford SoM. Prior to joining Stanford, Anna obtained her PhD in healthcare operations research from the University of Toronto, focusing on Canadian primary care services. She also has a MSc in bio-statistics, developing survival analysis estimation techniques for correlated and missing data from breast cancer patients. 

Anna worked as a Health Economics and Outcomes Research consultant for IQVIA, designing and developing evidence-based economic models to assess burden of illness, budget impact and cost effectiveness for a variety of pharmaceutical products. 

She was also a project manager at Clalit Health Services, where she was responsible for a wide range of process improvement initiatives to drive efficient delivery of healthcare and improve the patient experience. 

Prior to that, Anna worked as an Industrial Engineer at IDF, utilizing various methods of operations research, such as discrete event simulation, statistics and demand forecasting, to inform strategies and decisions in the areas of inventory purchase, management and distribution, workforce planning, logistic planning and others. 


Methodology area of interest: AI and machine learning methodologies, operations research, discrete event simulation, bioinformatics and biomedical data analysis.

Clinical area of interest: oncology and in particular breast and lung cancer research. Delivery of timely, equitable and efficient healthcare.


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