• Air pollution more fatal for Black Americans

    A new study reveals social factors that increase the risk of dying from air pollution and finds stark racial disparities.

  • Albertelli now heads comparative medicine

    Animal model expert and genetics researcher Megan Albertelli, DVM, PhD, now heads Stanford School of Medicine department that contrasts human and animal health.

  • Lymphoma therapy shows promise

    In an early Stanford Medicine study, CAR-T cell therapy helps some with intractable lymphoma, but those who relapse have few options. Modifying the therapy’s molecular target improved response.

  • Predicting spinal cord recovery

    Making a prognosis for spinal cord injury has been a guessing game, but a neuroimaging study by Stanford Medicine scientists and collaborators finds answers hiding in plain sight.

  • New compound supercharges naloxone

    In a Stanford Medicine-led study, researchers combed through billions of compounds to find one that could enhance naloxone’s ability to fend off more potent opioids, with promising results in mice.

  • Tapping the inner muse

    “Honor the wisdom, the universe of knowledge that lies untouched within you,” the physician and novelist told the newly minted MDs, PhDs and master’s degree holders.

  • Wu Liu dies at 51

    Wu Liu, known for his sense of humor and optimism, was a national expert in radiation treatments for eye cancer.

  • Gene therapy for neurologic disease

    Experts at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health helped conduct clinical trials for the new therapy, which gives kids with X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy, or ALD, a functioning copy of the abnormal gene.

  • Customizable AI tool aids pathologists

    The artificial intelligence technology can be trained by pathologists, giving them personalized assistance in identifying cells that might indicate diseases such as cancer or endometritis.

  • ‘Optimism is simply the better choice’

    At the graduation ceremony, Minor encouraged the Class of 2024 to choose optimism in their careers: “Create the best out of any situation and be the light that leads others.”…

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