Circumcision: Mogen Technique

Mogen Clamp

The Mogen clamp has the advantages of being rapidly performed and not leaving a foreign body at the circumcision site. The disadvantage is that the device does not directly protect the glans during the procedure.

 [5:45 Streaming Video]

Here, Dr. Brendan Duterte demonstrates circumcision with the Mogen clamp. Dr. Duterte is a pediatrician at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose, California and has nearly thirty years of experience in medical practice.

In addition to lidocaine, this infant was also given PO SweetEase  (24% sucrose and water), a common practice in our nursery for newborns undergoing painful procedures.

This material was produced by Janelle Aby, MD for educational purposes only.  Reproduction for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Designed by Rabbi Harry Bronstein in 1954, the Mogen clamp is the one most commonly used by mohels for ceremonial circumcision.