California Newborn Screen

All newborns born in the state of California are screened for a variety of hematologic, metabolic, and endocrine disorders. Testing is usually done in the hospital with the first 2 days. For infants born at home or in an alternative birthing center, testing may be done in a clinic or other laboratory, but must be drawn between 12 hours and 6 days of age. Because early testing may result in false negatives for PKU in particular, any newborn tested before 12 hours of life requires a repeat newborn screen.

Disorders Detected by the California Newborn Screen

This list is believed to be accurate. However, if specific questions exist, please consult the newborn screening office directly. Contact information is provided below.

Contact Information

  • Office of Newborn Screening at Stanford
  • Dept of Health Services, Newborn Screening

If you are a physician and need to talk to the staff at the Newborn Screening Program at Stanford University, please call 650-724-8120