How You Know If You Have Enough Milk

How You Know If You Have Enough Milk

Remember that milk production increases by the end of the third or fourth day. Some signs that you are producing enough milk are:

  • You will hear your baby swallowing fairly often.
  • Your baby will have a sustained rhythm of suck-swallow, suck-swallow, with a few pauses here and there.
  • By the fifth to sixth day, your baby will have several liquid or curdled BRIGHT YELLOW bowel movements and many wet diapers.
  • By the fifth day, your baby will nurse vigorously and then fall asleep without fussing. (If he is still sucking on his fists or needing a pacifier, he is still hungry.)
  • Babies normally lose weight during the first week and regain their birth weight by about day ten.


CAUTION: If you are not seeing these signs, your baby may not be getting enough milk. See your primary care provider right away.

Four Commonly Used Drugs May Reduce Your Milk Production

  • Birth contol pills
  • Pseudoephedrine (found in many over the counter cold and allergy medicines)
  • Nicotine
  • Alchol

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