Janitorial Services

Stanford School of Medicine has partnered with ABM for the janitorial needs of our buildings. The ABM philosophy is customer service and human relationships while striving for continuous improvement. ABM uses Green Seal certified products, various Energy Star rated equipment and water reducing technology, which aligns with Stanford Sustainability initiatives.

Janitorial Service Schedule:
Day 6:00 am-4:30 pm
Night 6:00 pm – 2:30 am

The OFPM team performs monthly environmental walkthroughs in buildings and facilities to ensure that overall cleanliness and safety standards are upheld. Please contact the OFPM service desk at (650) 721-2146 or submit a work request if you have concerns on cleanliness or safety in your area.

Janitorial Service Frequency

Trash Removal - Trash is removed daily

Bio-waste Removal - is picked-up daily in applicable areas.


This includes areas located 6ft and under such as windowsills, baseboards, bookshelves, partition tops, etc. Personal items will not be moved to perform this service.

Vacuuming, Sweeping and Mopping

Periodic Services

Additional Cleaning Services Price Sheet

A department funded work request requires PTA approval before any additional cleaning will be scheduled.

Price includes all labor, benefits, payroll taxes, insurance, supervision, cleaning supplies and equipment.

If you have any questions regarding Janitorial Services please contact SoM Workflow at 650-721-2146.