Architects, Contractors, & Consultants

This page has resources and links for architects, contractors & consultants working with Stanford School of Medicine (SoM).

Additional Resources

Facilities Design Guidelines

For all new construction and renovation projects, Stanford SoM follows the University Design Guidelines, in addition to the SoM amendments.

Stanford University Design Guidelines
School of Medicine Amendments
Lab Design Guidelines

Need-to-know basics about Doing Business with Stanford through Fingate

Planned Utility Shutdown Requests

If you need to shut off a utility in order to perform work, you are required to submit an online Utility Shutdown Request form. This form will be routed to key SoM Operations and Maintenance staff who will attempt to accommodate the requested dates. A new date may be suggested, depending on the needs of the occupants. Someone from our office will contact you to confirm the details.  To submit a utility shutdown request, please fill out the shutdown request form.

Shut Down Calendar

Hot Work Permit

Users of heat/spark generating tools including arc welding, oxygen-acetylene torch, soldering/brazing torches, grinders, cutting wheels/discs, etc. shall use the precautions as outlined in the Hot Work program to prevent the accidental ignition of fires within the School of Medicine buildings and grounds.

Architectual and Engineering Archives

Fill out form to obtain documents at Maps and Records through LBRE

Call Before You Dig

(before starting a new dig, make sure to contact for clearance on electrical, water and utilities)