Stanford School of Medicine Locations

SoM Central Loading Dock

Hours and location

Monday – Friday
7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

SoM Central Loading Dock
1291 Welch Road
Stanford, CA 94305


All Deliveries to the School of Medicine must come through the Central Loading Dock.

  • The Dock will be staffed Monday to Friday between 7:00am and 4:00pm
  • Trucks will be allowed to enter until 4:00pm, no entry will be allowed after 4:00pm
  • Gates will be locked upon departure of the final vehicle, but in no case later than 6:00pm
  • There is NO overnight parking of vehicles or ancillary equipment
  • See Delivery Guidelines for more information


  • 15-minute parking OK
  • You may park here to drop something off to the Loading Dock Manager
  • If you need to park for a longer period, please use metered spaces
  • See University Parking Information

Mail Delivery

There are two ways to receive a delivery through the loading dock: (1) The carrier delivers the package directly to the consignee at their office, or (2) the consignee makes arrangements with the carrier to sign for the package at the loading dock.

For mail services, such as Inter Department mail or USPS, please refer to the Mail Room or contact them at 723-5130.