Space Planning

Our team of experienced planners are always ready to help the School of Medicine (SoM) community to best utilize our space.

The planning team combines the data analysis and design to provide a wide range of services. The team works in collaboration with SoM departments to address space needs and develop efficient solutions that satisfy the needs of the users.

If you have any questions regarding the space planning support provided by the planning team, please contact us.

Planning Support

Our planners are prepared to assist, whether it is a need to move, expand, reconfigure, or repurpose existing spaces. Submit a work request and one of our planners will be happy to respond and assist.

Annual Space Utilization Metrics

Every year, our staff conducts a study of space utilization across the School of Medicine to help our community and leadership understand our space. The study serves as a helpful communication tool to understand the varying concerns and challenges with space.

If you would like more information about the study, please contact us.

School of Medicine Space Master Planning

The planning team is tasked with understanding the demands for space in the School of Medicine community. The School of Medicine planning team works with our partners to develop plans to address both immediate and future space needs. This includes providing a replacement for outdated facilities and to develop space that enhances partnerships with both the University academic communities and the Hospitals.

Please see our space guidelines.

If you would like more information, please contact us.