Laboratory Activation & Decontamination

Lab Activation and Set-up

Contact Safety and Emergency Management Office to schedule a New PI Briefings for any new faculty prior to starting up a new lab for guidance with reporting chemical inventories, staff training or equipment purchases.

Lab Decontamination

Lab Deactivation occurs when lab space is vacated. This can be prior to a renovation, if a PI leaves Stanford, or a lab is being transferred to a new PI or department. The process involves the removal of all chemicals, both waste and unused product, biological, and/or radiological materials and associated hazards from a laboratory with the decontamination of working surfaces, including bench, cabinet, and fume hood surfaces, and other areas potentially contaminated with hazardous materials.

Lab Design and Renovation Projects

Safety & Emergency Management Office offers guidance to PIs and the project team based on the type of research, use of chemicals, biohazardous or radioactive materials, special equipment, recent inspection findings or general facility requirements. It is important to obtain a projected chemical inventory EARLY in the design phase.

  • Laboratory standards & design guidelines are available as a resource guide for use during the planning and early design phase.
  • Design in Safety Features
    • Seismic Restraints for Laboratory Equipment - Why risk the loss of even small pieces of lab equipment?
    • Checklist for Seismic Safety Considerations for Office Renovations
  • Construction expectations - Maintenance, Renovation and Construction Safety related information is available on the University Environmental Health and safety Website.

Disposal and Decontamination