Mid-Peninsula Community Coalition for Children and Families

The Mid-Peninsula Community Coalition for Children and Families (The Coalition) is a diverse coalition of community partner agencies and organizations with the shared goal of supporting the needs of local children and families and collectively striving to address inequities. Coalition partners represent multiple sectors including health, mental health, education, food, housing, legal services, and core support services. The Coalition came together in March 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 to identify opportunities to share and disseminate critical information to families, leverage shared resources, engage in collaborative initiatives, and share local, state, and national policy updates.

Material Support for Community Partners

To respond to the needs of children and families during the pandemic, the Mid-Peninsula Coalition mobilized to distribute essential supplies throughout the community. Many of the resources were purchased with support from local donors and individuals, including pediatric residents from the Pediatric Advocacy Council. See our COVID-19 Impact page for more information.

COVID-19 Resource Guides

The Coalition also helped guide the development and dissemination of resource guides that were developed at the start of the pandemic to help families connect to much needed resources and support agencies. See our COVID-19 Resource Guides to download and use these guides.

COVID Material Support

60,000+ Masks and 9600+ COVID Antigen Tests Distributed in Communities most impacted by COVID-19