The Office of Child Health Equity convenes community coalitions to ask and listen to community partners, and respond to community-identified needs. These coalitions are the foundation of our community engagement work.


2021: Anti-Racism

Pediatric doctors come together to support Black Lives matter and to build clinic-based anti-racism initiative.

2020: Diapers at the Doctor

To provide relief to families experiencing finacial hardships with the COVID-19 pandemic, iMPACt members and partners distributed 45,000+ diapers to local families in the Summer of 2020!

2019: REACH Mental Health Training

The iMPACt group worked to ensure that health professionals were equipped with the tools necessary to provide youth with proper mental health care. There are now 35 REACH-certified primary care providers in the Mid-Peninsula.

2018: Early Childhood Literacy

Talk, Read, Sing is an early childhood initiative to encourage school readiness amongst all our iMPACt clinics. Delivering children's books and other educational materials, the Talk Read Sing program has been an ongoing effort to ensure that families who visit an iMPACt clinic are empowered to engage their children in activities that promote early brain and language development.

2017: Food insecurity

Since 2012, food insecurity has remained a significant concern for children and families in our local community and beyond. Members from the Office of Child Health Equity have engaged in numerous service (e.g., school and library-based summer meal programs, clinic-based screenings and referrals, partnerships with local leaders and organizations), and community-engaged research endeavors to support children and families.