Resident Advocacy Council

Paving pathways of advocacy and action in our resident community

In 2018, residents in StAT founded Stanford’s Pediatric Advocacy Council, which orchestrates grassroot advocacy efforts, education, and skills-building for all pediatric residents. Designed to meet every 2-4 weeks, the Advocacy Council helps coordinate efforts and disseminate advocacy initiatives that span the hospital system to respond to community, legislative, and national child health needs.


We support our fellow pediatric resident physicians in creating systemic changes to improve child health in our local communities and nationally. We understand that health care is one of many important factors that influences the health of children.

How do we do it? 

We accomplish this goal by working as physician-advocates through community-building, mentorship, advocacy, and education. We also seek to learn from and advocate with our local communities, our patients and our community partners.

Whom do we do it for?

We do this for all children regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, country of origin or immigration status, because improving the health of children improves the health of communities.


What we've worked on this past year

Our group has come  from a vast background of experiences and interests. Together, we are working to tackle some of the greatest concerns faced in our communities and beyond. Our projects have spanned areas such as antiracism work, refugee family wellness, gun violence, public charge, new mother support, and COVID-19 response and relief.

Some highlights...

What's Next?

Projects for 2020 and onward

Want to Get Involved?

Learn how you can play a role!

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