Medical Student Training


Janine Bruce, DrPH, MPH is the Director of the Scholarly Concentration in Community Health. She teaches courses on the social and environmental determinants of Health (PEDS 250), and qualitative research methods (PEDS 202 A, B & C)  

Stanford University School of Medicine has developed a new medical school curriculum that has at its core required scholarly concentrations. Scholarly Concentrations provide medical students with faculty-mentored scholarly experiences and structured curricula in areas of individual interest.

Among concentrations that medical students may choose is Community Health and Public Service. This scholarly concentration enables medical students to gain knowledge and skills necessary for addressing health challenges of diverse and often underserved communities domestically and overseas. Lisa Chamberlain, MD, MPH is the new director of the Scholarly Concentration in Community Health and Public Service.

Past Student Projects

  • Cross-sectional analysis of disenrolled SCHIP patients in Santa Clara County. A phone survey of 900 families in three languages.

  • Cross-sectional evaluation of a new farmers market in the Mayfair community in East San Jose as part of an initiative of the Healthy Santa Clara County Consortium.

Medical student may also take the "Physician's in Society" course through the Practice of Medicine course (INDE 201) which focuses on health policy, community medicine, physician advocacy and bioethics.

Stanford Scholarly Concentrations

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