Publications Authored by Current and Former StAT Residents

Academic Pediatrics

What Is the Relationship Between Incarceration of Children and Adult Health Outcomes?

Liz Barnert, StAT class of 2012 -- We sought to quantify the association between child incarceration in the United States and subsequent adult health outcomes.

Academic Pediatrics

Utilizing Family-Centered Process and Outcome Measures to Assess Hospital-to-Home Transition Quality

Arti Desai, StAT class of 2010 -- Families of pediatric patients face numerous potential challenges during their transition from hospital settings to home. These include poor preparation for home care management, conflicting expectations regarding the recovery process, lack of support after discharge, and discontinuity of care.1 Approximately 1 of 4 pediatric patients experience a postdischarge problem,2 with one third of these requiring significant action from a health care provider.3 Thus, efforts to standardize pediatric hospitalization discharge processes and measure improvement in outcomes remains a clinical, research, and policy priority.