Stanford ADRC Community Advisory Board

The Stanford ADRC Community Advisory Board (CAB) provides guidance to the ADRC's center and research leadership team and strengthens the Center’s efforts to conduct research that is responsive and accessible to our local communities. The goals of the ADRC Community Advisory Board are as follows:

  • Provide guidance to the Stanford ADRC on priorities related to Alzheimer's Disease services, education, and research 
  • Provide guidance on development of community partnerships and outreach opportunities for the Stanford ADRC
  • Provide guidance on successful recruitment strategies to increase participation of under-represented communities in ADRC research projects
  • Provide feedback on the accessibility and cultural centeredness of ADRC research practices and policies 
  • Serve as ambassadors to the community to facilitate outreach and recruitment

Meet the Community Advisory Board

Stella De La Pena
Alzheimer's Association - Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Leslie K DuBridge
Senior advocate, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Sandra Green
Family Care Specialist - Alzheimer’s Association

Lupe Morales
Care Partner, Aging and Brain Health Advocate

Ting Pun
The Vi Senior Housing Community – Patient & Research Participant Advocate

Scott Roney

Elissa Wellikson

Sandra Winters
Senior Coastsiders, Executive Director

Benjamin Yen

Amy Yotopolous
Avenidas, President and CEO