Of Sound Mind

Video Series

Of Sound Mind is a new series on dementia and healthy cognitive aging sponsored by the Stanford Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center.  This series brings experts in the field of cognitive aging to explore current research in dementia, and discuss methods of keeping your brain healthy.  Our host, Dr. Dolores Gallagher Thompson is a well-respected researcher in the field of geropsychology.

Of Sound Mind: Healthy Cognitive Aging

Healthy Cognitive Aging is the first episode of this talk show.  This episode's guest is Dr. Frank Longo.  He is a professor and Chair of the Department of Neurology at Stanford School of Medicine.  The discussion during this episode focuses on topics of what is dementia, and what research suggests are ways to reduce the risk of dementia. He provides a brief introduction to the new Stanford Alzheimer's Disease Research Center and gives some background on why healthy volunteers are used in dementia research.

Of Sound Mind: Let's Talk about Dementia

Our guest, Dr. Victor Henderson, director of the Stanford ADRC, shares information about dementia and what to expect from a visit to your doctor if you suspect you have memory problems.

Of Sound Mind: Dementia & Music

The effect of music from the young adulthood of a person with dementia is well know but what happens when they never heard the song before?  Our guest, Beatie Wolfe is an UK musician exploring the impact of novel music on the person with dementia.

Of Sound Mind: Talking About PD

Of Sound Mind is taking a closer look at Parkinson's Disease, what it is, how it is diagnosed, and what happens after diagnosis from treatment options to support groups.  Our guests are Dr. Kathleen Poston, a physician and researcher from Stanford ADRC and Steven Russell from Stanford's Parkinson's Community Outreach Program.

Of Sound Mind: The Dementia Continuum of Care

Dementia has far reaching effects into all aspects of a person's life and caring for someone with dementia means paying attention to these unique requirements.  Today's episode looks at outpatient care with Marina Martin MD, inpatient care with Rita Ghatak PhD, community support with Edie Yau MA, and research with Nusha Askari PhD.

Of Sound Mind: The Connected Horse Project

In our sixth episode, Of Sound Mind will be looking at an innovative research project for individuals in the early stage of dementia and their care partners. Come join Of Sound Mind as we talk to the co-founders of the Connected Horse and a vet from the project.  Explore with us this highly unique project and hear about the benefits gained for both the humans and the horses involved.

Of Sound Mind: The Gift of Brain Donation

Ever wondered why researchers collected the biological material they collect in cognitive research?  Our guest is a neuropathologist from the Stanford ADRC who will be talking about what they do with the blood, spinal fluid and eventually the brain tissue they collect and what they hope to learn from it.

Of Sound Mind: The Caregiving Experience

In this episode we talk about caregiving for someone with dementia. We examine the current research on caregiver stress and intervention, talk about what’s in store for the future, and speak with someone who has cared for a family member with Alzheimer’s Disease about her experience.