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Stanford's BeWell Program

BeWell is an incentive program that encourages benefits-eligible Stanford University employees to commit to their health and well-being. Benefits-eligible employees can earn $560 in financial incentives for completing wellness activities. Incentives are paid out in $140 increments for each point milestone achieved.

Stanford Healthy Living 

Stanford Healthy Living provides classes, apps and coaching packages on a variety of health and wellness topics. All Healthy Living offerings are STAP and EA-approved, and eligible for points toward your BeWell or HealthySteps to Wellness incentives during the program year.

Physician Resource Network (PRN) Support 

The purpose of the Physician Resource Network (PRN) is to provide Stanford physicians and trainees with timely confidential, independent, legally-protected collegial support and resources to help deal with clinical, professional and/or personal challenges.

They connect Stanford Medicine physicians one-on-one with trained colleagues who can informally listen, provide perspective and resources, as well as identify options for getting help. To start the process. Email prnsupport@stanford.edu. (Emails to this address are seen only by the PRN Support Program Director) and then you will be paired with someone whose career background is like yours who will contact you to meet in-person or by phone. 

Fellows' Well-being Program (FWP) - Office of Pediatric Education

The Fellows' Well-being Program (FWP) combines specific well-being curricula, personal skill building, and institutional strategies to reduce burnout in fellow physicians.

The program targets several key drivers for physician burnout and includes a novel curriculum focused on fatigue mitigation, self-care, resiliency, and stress mitigation. This curriculum is paired with several programs focused on changing the culture of well-being, including a Reflective Conversation series led by the Palliative Care team to target grief and stress , as well as sessions led by faculty members to discuss finding meaning in medicine.


Faculty Staff Help Center

The Stanford Faculty Staff Help Center offers a variety of services for the Stanford community, including confidential counseling, workshops, discussion groups, department consultations, and facilitated conversations.

Stanford WellMD & WellPhD Center

Since 2011, the Stanford Medicine WellMD & WellPhD Center has worked to advance the well-being of physicians and biomedical scientists. We’re jointly funded by the Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford Health Care, and Stanford Children's Health. 

Rather than place the onus of well-being on the individual alone, we work to orient the entire organization around creating the cultures and practices that reduce burnout and drive professional fulfillment. We focus on promoting well-being not only at Stanford but also on advancing the field globally, collaborating with leading healthcare organizations, associations, and societies.

The WellMD and WellPhD Center offers courses and conferences, short educational videos, and reserach studies along with other resources for stanford physicians and scientists. 

Leaves of Absence

Leaves of Absence

All benefits-eligible staff and faculty who work 50% time or more in a fixed term or continuing position, and bargaining unit employees are eligible to take leaves of absence. Leaves of absence inlcude: disability leave, family care & parental bonding leave, maternity leave, etc. Be aware of your benefits on leave and steps to take for a smooth transition. 

Faculty and Staff should complete the following Smartsheet form to notify the necessary people in Pediatrics of anticipated upcoming disability leaves.

Clinician Educator 

Below are the different types of leaves of absence available for Clinician Educators and benfits during your leave.


PDL and Sabbatical

Clinician Educator 

Please login to the Stanford MedLeave Website and to manage faculty leave submissions and approvals. Select "Check Accural". Minimum notification is 75 days in advance for a PDL / Sabbatical. 


Relationships Recharge

An Opportunity for Clinical Faculty
WellMD & WellPhD is offering benefits-eligible clinical faculty the Relationships Recharge, which is a dedicated weekend away to connect with their significant other and/or colleagues, enhance skills to strengthen personal relationships, and recharge.

The Relationships Recharge is an opportunity to devote a weekend toward mindful awareness and investment in the relationships that are most important; a setting with accommodations, meals, activities, and light content (and facilitated sessions) that supports personal reflection and meaningful action; and a time to connect with colleagues in a different way.

  • Weekend for Individuals (a new offering for 2024) will bring faculty members together to build skills aimed at cultivating existing relationships and/or fostering additional relationships, and to spend time recharging through reflection and social interactions with colleagues.
           2024 Dates and locations:
                        •  Sept 21-22, Argonaut Hotel, San Francisco
  • Weekend for Couples for faculty and their significant other that includes a combination of skills-building sessions and free time to reflect and connect as a couple, as well as enjoy time together with other couples.
           2024 Dates and locations (choose one):
                        • May 4-5, Chaminade Resort & Spa, Santa Cruz 
                        • Nov 2-3, Chaminade Resort & Spa, Santa Cruz