Well-Being Program

The Well-being Program combines specific well-being curricula, personal skill building, and institutional strategies to reduce burnout in fellow physicians. The program targets several key drivers for physician burnout and includes a novel curriculum focused on fatigue mitigation, self-care, resiliency and stress mitigation, and skills targeting breathing, movement, and mindfulness.

Wellness Curriculum

We provide several hours of curriculum as part of theĀ Fellows' College, targeting fatigue mitigation, self-care, resiliency, stress management and a unique hands-on program through a partnership with WellMD. Faculty who have a prominent role in wellness are featured, such as John Mark and Caroline Okorie, and a specialist from WellMD, Maryam Hamidi.

Well-Being Resources

A variety of well-being resources are available for our trainees including mental health services, wellness programming, self-assessments, and more!

Download well-being resources here.