How to Prepare For Your Visit

Thank you for your interest in partcipating in our research! We appreciate our volunteer's time and efforts. Below is some information to help you prepare for you visit.

  • Please plan to arrive on time – and give us a call if you are running late, need to reschedule, or have to cancel for any reason. 
  • Be prepared to answer questionnaires about your current health and your medical history. If you take any medications, bring a list with you of what you take and the dosages.
  • Come with questions! We want this to be a great experience for you – so please ask us questions at any time
  • If you are scheduled for a study with a MRI scan, follow the guidelines below:
    • Please remember to get a good night’s rest
    • Wear comfortable clothing, without any metal on it
    • Leave all metal, hair accessories, and jewelry at home
    • Please try to abstain from alcohol the night before your appointment
    • You should have a light breakfast that morning
    • Please do not consume caffeine within 8 hours of your appointment, or tea one hour before your appointment
    • You should not wear any face or eye makeup
    • If you use hair extensions, replacements, integrations, wigs, wiglets, or hairpieces, please leave them at home on the day of your appointment – you will have to remove them before the scan
    • Your hair should be clean and dry, but please do not use any hair products, including hairspray, gel, foam, color enhancements, sheens, pomades, etc.
    • We will ask you to change into scrubs for the scan – this will include removing your bra. You may wear a plain t-shirt underneath, with no design, if you prefer.