Stanford Systems Neuroscience and Pain Lab

The last decade has seen dramatic changes in the way we understand pain. We no longer view pain as simply a symptom of trauma, infection, inflammation, or surgery. We now see it as a discrete disease that alters the nervous system – while negatively impacting the individual, their family and society as a whole. We are using advanced tools to understand the mechanisms of pain. We then translate this knowledge into safe and effective treatments to lessen or stop our patients’ pain and restore their quality of life. We also are seeking to develop precision medicine, so we can choose the most effective treatment for a specific person with a particular pain condition. We seek to accomplish this through our mission statement: “To Predict, Prevent and Alleviate Pain through Science, Education and Compassion”.


Our group is focused on using strong research methods and state of the art neuroimaging tools to investigate the emotional and cognitive factors that influence pain as well as the neural plastic changes that occur in chronic pain.

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