The Stanford Division of Pain Medicine offers an unparalleled experience merging numerous disciplines to offer a unique educational experience as well as offering patients the best clinical care possible. 

Faculty Highlights

Corinne Cooley, DPT

Physical Therapist


Corinne Cooley is one of the pain physical therapists who works in clinic. With a dedicated interest in fellow education and wellness, she helps run and organize physical exam teaching workshops for the fellows. She works directly in teaching the hands on skills necessary to a pain physician to effieciently and accurately assess musculoskeletal pathology and offer directed, appropriate treatment for various pain conditions. 

Heather King, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor


Heather King is one of the pain psychologists and the head of the pain psychology fellowship. She has a dedicated interest in wellness and helps run the fellow wellness program. She works directly with fellows and does teaching around the basic principles of pain psychology, psychological evaluation of the pain patient, and teaching about non pharmacological treatment modalities. 

Joshura Kirz, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor


Joshua Kirz is one of the pain psychologists and works both in the outpatient and inpatient setting. Fellows work with Dr. Kirz on chronic pain admissions in a unique in-patient program to work on comprehensive pain management in a controlled setting to jump start and evaluate a psychological, physical, and medical treatment plan for complex pain patients. 

Meredith Barad, MD

Clinical Associate Professor and Program Director


Meredith Barad is a trained neurologist with specialty in headaches and orofacial pain. As an associate professor and program director, fellows work directly with Dr. Barad throughout their year to advance their pain education. During their time in clinic with Dr. Barad, their learn about the latest trials and research in headache medicine, as well as comprehensive approach to the neurological exam and cranio-facial anatomy and pathology as it relates to pain. 

Nicholas Karayannis MPT, PhD



Nicholas Karayannis is one of the pain physical therapists who works in clinic. He helps teach dedicated physical exam workshops for the fellows as well as sharing his extensive training in yoga, tai chi, mindfullness techniques to fellows. He works in conjunction with the fellows to evaluate patients and offer insights and teaching into the role of musculoskeletal pathology in the role of pain conditions. 

Michelle Jehenson, DDS

Clinical Associate Professor


Michelle Jehenson is a trained specialist in TMJ and serves as a invaluable resource for fellows in the orofacial pain program, teaching principles regarding dental medicine and oral surgery and their application to orofacial pain conditions. Running the TMJ clinic within the orofacial pain program, fellows are given hands on teaching on a comprehensive dental and TMJ examination and applying this knowledge to more common orofacial pain conditions. In addition, fellows have the opportunity to learn dental blocks during their time with Dr. Jehenson. 

Ming Kao, MD, PhD

Clinic Chief


Ming-Chih Kao is the clinic chief and of the pain medicine faculty. With a background in informatics and statistics, in addition to his ultrasound teaching and clinic teaching, Dr. Kao works with fellows on quality improvement projects and learning about the systems based issues that are inherent to a chronic pain management practice.