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Health Equity

By spearheading the development of innovative programs that foster diversity and inclusion, and delving into health policy to advocate for equitable care, our community leaders are forging new avenues for the success of students, researchers, and clinicians. They are paving the way towards a more equitable future in health care.

Our Community

Explore the stories that capture the vibrance of Stanford Medicine: Stories of passion, challenge and triumph, and the empowering journeys of our people.

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    We Are Stanford Med

    In this We Are Stanford Medicine series, meet individuals who are shaping the future of medicine. They hail from all over the globe and come to Stanford Medicine carrying big ideas and dreams.

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    This is My Why

    This Is My Why is a series of stories about what inspires and motivates Stanford Medicine researchers, clinicians, leaders, students and staff in their work and beyond.

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    Unconventional Paths

    Narratives of Stanford Medicine faculty, researchers, and physicians whose paths into the field of medicine took unconventional routes.

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    Heartbeats and Hiccups

    From passions to pivots, our community engages in discussions about the moments that influence and shape our careers.


2023 ISSUE 3

Exploring ways AI is applied to health care